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Welcome to the portfolio of Emily Garcia, a place where you can discover their work, skills, and professional experience. Take a moment to look through the gallery, and get in touch for more information.

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I come from an artistic family. My mother sews, hand makes jewelry, and creates floral arrangements. While my father was a breakdancer and did graffiti when he was younger. My sophomore year of high school, I joined a club called Community Bridges. It is difficult to explain exactly what this program did for me, but what I can say is that I became the person I always wanted to be.
Most of my work is made for a specific person or about my experience with that person. In my work, I enjoy incorporating textures and mark making. I achieve this by the use of a palette knife or a fine paint brush. I'm not afraid of spending hours in the small details. What you will also notice is that I love to learn new things, which is why I have several hobbies.
After graduating from Montgomery college, I plan to transfer into a four year university. I aspire to complete a bachelor's and master's degree in art educating.

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"Creativity takes courage"

Henri Matisse

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